NOW-ID | The Feast

5/6/2014 | Amy Tibbals

Though we at cityhomeCOLLECTIVE are chiefly proponents for busting ass and fulfilling tall orders, we have been known from time to time [to time to time] to indulge in the art of indulgence. We imbibe, savor, toast, and eat up those delicacies that are all-too-rare in our business of diligently kicking ass and closing deals. Thus, we’re actually quite giddy about the decadent theme of the newest performance from our fellow creative-types over at NOW-ID: The Feast.

NOW-ID [formally NOW Interdisciplinary Dance & Arts] is a contemporary dance company stitched together by the fervent fingers of Charlotte Boye-Christensen and Nathan Webster, as an answer to Salt Lake’s call for a dance troupe that is “internationally positioned and connected while at the same time reflecting the unique beauty and culture of its western base.” The Feast is NOW’s latest performance, and aims to pay homage to the “tabula rasa” of our “ancient, former inland sea”. The event has promised to “tickle your palate, feed your soul, break your heart, and expand your mind.” Color us intrigued.

NOW-ID presents FEAST | Saturday, May 24th | Doors at 6:30pm, show at 7:30pm | The Great Saltair III | Purchase tickets here

NOW INTERNATIONAL // FEAST // MAY 2014 from Now Dance on Vimeo.


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