Mark Seely recently had a show at Ulysses. I knew his work to be incredible and anomalous already, but the reminder was intoxicating.  So is the guy.  See for yourself...

Have you always had dope style? Well, I just go with whatever I like, whether it be hip or not. But I suppose to answer the question, I'll just say thank you. And yes.

Do people in Salt Lake stare at you? Sometimes. I don't really notice anymore...not to mention, I chose to look this way. I shouldn't get pissed if people look; that's like wearing hot-pants and then being offended when people look at your arse.

Who or what inspires you? Katka. Franz Kline. Robert Motherwell. Nietzsche. Pain. Suffering. Blood; spilt or shared. Balance.

Who is your style Icon? Thom Browne

Share a pivotal moment of your life: Hmmmmm. Every moment. If you're not changing, you're stagnating.

You seem pretty main stream (*rib*). Are you? What does that even mean? I do love Abba, does that count?

What's the most generic thing about you? My underwear.

What book(s) are you reading right now? Haha, I am supposed to be reading A Game of Thrones.

Is there something you're looking forward to? The downfall of my enemies, the success of my friends and family, and a long life with the love of my life {Katka Jana Sodomova}.

Do you follow any blogs? Tell us your 3 favorites: Not my cup of tea.

If you owned Salt Lake City, you would... Haha. Well, I don't think I can talk about that....

So, why Salt Lake? My people are here.

If you could design anything, what would that be? Modern homes. I have a million ideas, I just need the investors. Wink.

What thing can you not tolerate? Religious arrogance.

Where do you see the world heading? Have you seen the movie "Idiocracy"?

Share your opinion on aliens: We are monkeys, genetically altered by aliens. Maybe. Whatever.

What attracts you? Significance. Beauty. Uniqueness. Depth.

What is your favorite drink? Whiskey.

Describe your ideal work space. Retrofitted warehouse, open, lots of history and character, and clean lines.

Have you always been an artist? Yes.

Lets talk about the swastikas: Let's. Seriously. The swastika symbol has always been, and will always be a symbol of good luck, power, balance, the sun.... nothing negative. Pfffffft...if you associate the swastika strictly with the Holocaust, then you may as well add the cross, among other icons linked with genocide. The point is, any symbol means whatever you want it to mean.

What is your creative process? Catharsis. No process, just unadulterated, emotional blood-letting.

Seems like your art says a lot about you. Say something about that. It does.


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