Nata Goodbye

2/13/2014 | Amy Tibbals
Brianna Davis

I appears to be a gallery, but it's never open. In fact, it's practically a secret club that only some are privy to. The concept actually began with a joke, says Chef, Katie Weinner. "We'll call it 'Nata,' get it?" It's not a gallery, not a restaurant, and definitely not a normal business. Katie and Mike hung art and created a gallery that was never open during the day, but served as a shell for pop-up dinners at night. Since there are no normal hours, diner can be served on sporadic nights with an ever-changing menu. Oh, but there is no actual menu, and you'll never get the same meal twice. Most first-time diners have no clue what they're in for. The traditional experience isn't found at Nata. Guests can expect more of a surprising, interactive dinner party.

The "kitchen" consists of three Coleman burners, a small easy-bake-style oven, and crock pots. Kinda difficult to believe that a complex, 10-course meal with so many notes could come out of that description, but the results are a magical testament to the mad skill of the MaGyver-style chefs working at Nata. What they have created is very unique to Salt Lake City...and across the country, for that matter. Odds are, as you walk out the door, you'll be thinking something along the lines of, "that was not a normal meal." To Katie, that means mission accomplished. The current art exhibit at the gallery is worth a looksy, too. Geometric, playful, precision-cut trophy heads made from re-purposed wood -- and meant to communicate environmental awareness -- are dotting the walls in a series called "Future Primitive" by Kevin Arthofer of GROWdesigns. More information on his work can be found at the link below.

Sadly, as of May 1st, Nata is nada. Doors will close and Katie will venture into other endeavors, which means this is the part where we shout, "FIRE SALE!" or something of the like and direct you to the site below for tickets post-haste. The Nata Gallery space can also be reserved for private dinner parties, but either way, act quickly. We're excited to see what comes next for any top-shelf chef like this, but for now, get it while it's hot. It's now or never, folks. We say, "now."

SLC POP | Nata Gallery | 29 E 400 S

Kevin Arthofer, GROWdesigns

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