Miss City Weekly | Oh, the Pride

5/29/2014 |

Time again for Pride, folks, and we're all a-twitter at our joint. We'll speak a touch more on those festivities later, but let us begin with some kick-off shit, shall we? Miss City Weekly's 5th Annual Pride Pageant is here, and it's time you all knew: SLC has a good grip of drag queens as fabulous as they are femme-tastic. The pageant aims to shine a glittering spotlight on “the most beautiful, talented, and outrageous drag personalities in Utah”. A few of the ladies in line for the crown: Miss Leksi Breaker, Princess Nika, Ivanna Love Peacock, and Areola Pizza [snaps all around on the haute handles, gals]. Really, really, though...this is a sensational competition that we can COLLECTIVELY stand behind 100%. It's not just lip service; the Miss CW Pride Pageant is a lesson in being who the fuck you wanna be, and these ladies are doing the cause some fierce justice. Long live the queens, say we.

Since 2010 [when we watched Drewnicorn claw them dirty pillows straight to the coveted throne], Miss City Weekly has been doing its very damnedest to further the rights, acceptance, and straight-up fabulousness of the LGBTQ cause. Don’t get us wrong, as The Advocate’s 2010 vote for #1 Gayest City in America, this salty town is bustin’ at the seams with support for our LGBTQ community--but it’s our humble opinion that you can never be too proud of who you are. The Annual Miss City Weekly Pageant is creative expression at a highly-practiced level for all to see. Every queen since the pageant's inception has vogued her way to the crown in due fashion, offering up lip-sync, Q&A, and personal talents in short order. Result: magic on a catwalk for all you ladies, gents, and everyone in between.

Double duty: the winner crowned at this year's pageant will be performing on the main stage at the Utah Pride Festival, to boot, so you'll be enjoying this babe's magic at two equally swell venues. Now, sashay away and get your tickets to watch the sparkles fly as these four queens duke it out for their crown.

5th Annual Miss City Weekly | Thursday, June 5th, 9:00pm | Elevate, 155 W 200 S | Tickets here

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