Millcreek Cacao

9/4/2012 | Amy Tibbals
Amanda Peterson


While waiting for a cup of Millcreek Coffee the other day, I made the [wise] decision to try some chocolate. Full disclosure, it was the well-thought-out, clean packaging that grabbed me. Then, praise be to SLC, it was what's inside.

Millcreek Cacao is actually made right next door to Millcreek Coffee, which has been around for about twenty years, thanks to the efforts of Dana Brewster and Mark Delvechio. As an international educator, Mark started the practice of returning home with exclusive, regional chocolate for Dana. In turn, she began studying cacao extensively, and the pair traveled through South America and Africa in search of the perfect cacao bean; that with the highest quality, purity and integrity. Passion, research, travel, curiosity, and some world-cacao experience combined, they created Millcreek Cacao last October.

I peeked into the small roasting space, and found Dana and Mark, who invited me in and shared with me the meticulous process through which they make fine cacao into a delicious square of heaven in my mouth. Millcreek uses responsibly-grown, pure heritage cacao called Arriba Nacional, sourced from -- and indigenous to -- Ecuador. Such exclusive growing conditions ensure that Millcreek Cacao is not cross-contaminated with a false cacao or hybrid.

"We are passionate by nature and curious by design—and we both dream about chocolate! We can't imagine anything better than doing what we love: making and eating chocolate."—Dana Brewster & Mark Delvechio | Owners

Millcreek Coffee | 651 S Main Street | 435.513.1769


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