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4/30/2015 | Amy Tibbals
Kerri Fukui


cityhomeCOLLECTIVE clients, Scott and Kim, are avid lovers of a life in the city. Having lived in the heart of other (larger) metropolitan cities, it was paramount to them that they have a similar experience in SLC. Naturally, then, when they found their Metro condo, they were thrilled; perfect location, stellar views. With the basics in place, it was time to make "perfect design" a priority, but the size (be it on the large or small side) of a home can always pose a bit of a challenge. Not to worry…we knew just what to do to create the space Scott and Kim needed:

1. Regardless of the size of your space, you can always work in that which is most important to you. Kim plays the piano, and it was very important to her that--despite living in a condo--she had her baby grand on which she could pluck away. Because of the piano’s size and shape, we knew a sacrifice was necessary; in this case, the option of a large dining table had to go. Given that the space has a counter/bar of good size (it seats 6!), we didn't miss the seating lost to the piano. But it's certainly nice to have a spot for an intimate tête-á-tête, so we placed a small bistro table for two under the living room window. This is where they get to enjoy city views while sipping morning coffee and reading the paper. Don't bother trying to force design norms into your lifestyle…analyze how you want to live, and make the space reflect that.

2. Family heirlooms can work with any style. #truth In this case, we went modern with a few classic touches--black Persian rug, dark blue velvet sofa, some mirrored detail and industrial elements. While it's tempting to assume that traditional elements (such as family heirlooms) have no place in a modern home, it's simply not the case. As time passes, a space gathers and collects, and begins to feel more curated (versus that of, say, a cookie-cutter showroom display). Heirlooms can ultimately add character and personality. Kim's grandparent's cuckoo clock and a framed piece of embroidery (made by said grandma) are right at home in a gallery wall collage of other collected art and sculpture.

3. House guests don't have to pose a problem. It's certainly true that in a two-bedroom condo hosting options are limited. In this case, we also needed to incorporate a home office. Solution: we needed pieces that would allow for double duty at all times. Yes, the term "hide-a-bed" conjures up images of clunky death traps full of dust, dead spiders, and sheets that have never met the business end of a washing machine. But, such sleepers have come a long way: today's versions are more attractive and comfy, and the risk of losing a finger upon folding it away is practically null. We decided to go for it in the living room, and in the second (very small) bedroom, we incorporated a loft-style bed for adults and kids, alike. This gave Scott’s daughter a comfy, treehouse-type nest for snoozing, but a 2,000 lb. weight limit doesn't exclude guests from enjoying the views, either. Additionally, this enabled us to use some very valuable vertical space in the room, and we added a desk beneath. Guest accommodations: check. Home office: check. See? You can live where and how you want.

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