Merry, Happy, Etc. | We Love You

12/20/2013 | Amy Tibbals
Phil Erickson

We don't know how you celebrate your holidays, and to be quite honest, it doesn't matter to us one lick. Eight days of tradition and lights, the seven principles of Kwanzaa, a family vacay to the Caymans...everybody's got their own winter-time calling, and we love nothing more than a mixed bag. Do what you do, and drink in the joy, say we. No time like the present to love on your family and friends.

While you do that, we'll be here, carefully considering all this love, man. COLLECTIVELY channeling a hippie mentality is just fine with us: peace, love, and a positive revolution never hurt anyone. We've got a pretty intense soft spot [buckets of love] for our city, our clients, our followers, and those working to change Salt Lake for the better. Moreover, there's still a massive, untapped wealth of creative and dynamic people, places, and happenings here. We happen to believe that the best is still to come.

Sum and substance, we love you. For realsies. We might be erring on the tender side because it's the holidays, but whatevs. Climb aboard the love train ["people all over the world, join hands..."]. We just hope that our sincere attempt at a long-winded and heartfelt 'thank-you' is being heard here. Keep being sensational and we'll keep talking about it.

Holiday Hugs & Cozy Joy,

 The cityhomeCOLLECTIVE Family



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