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11/13/2014 |
Kerri Fukui

cityhomeCOLLECTIVE is a lot of things, but let us be clear: we love design. From table tops to storefronts to restaurants, bars, and city buildings, we're spying strength in design all over this city. For us, the point is simple: we believe that consciously-created space shapes lives. When you make an effort to create a space in which you can flourish, then you most certainly will. For more than a decade, we've been peddling this idea as proudly as we peddle the homes and buildings to which it applies.

Naturally, then, it comes to reason that we should have something to do with creating space. We've consulted countless clients in their efforts to purchase and sell homes [we are realtors, after all], but we've also been evolving. There from the beginning, our design division has steadily progressed into what it was always intended to be: a full-fledged interior design firm. Our specialties? Name it. The unique, the layered, the cozy, the moody, the modern, the eclectic, and the elegant. Between the four fabulous faces you see below, most any aesthetic can be brought to perfect fruition. We've got our COLLECTIVE design stamp on more than a few of our city's great spaces.

Our design crew is keen. Adaptable. Game for a challenge. Think: mad gamblers with an obsessive-compulsive need for clean lines, flow, and client delight. Moves you've never seen, and an aim to blow your face off [in the good way]. We'll let them speak for themselves a touch--read on to get a feel for what moves our makers, then gawk at them in the photos to see just how dead seriously we take design.


Cody Derrick. Noteworthy local design projects include COLLECTIVE Headquarters, Pallet Bistro, Zuriick, his own space in The Maryland, and the soon-to-be-open Finca. Brevity would see his aesthetic best described in three words; balanced, modern, organic.  A touch more substance might claim a luxe mood of modern and eclectic materials layered heavily with a myriad of eras…a minimally organized cabinet of curiosities. Inspirations include nature, the lobby of the Grand America, and the concrete canyon interior of the Natural History Museum.

Andrea Beecher. Noteworthy local design projects include Salon O, Saint Cloud, Keller Williams, countless residential design projects, and the soon-to-be-complete Tire Town. Her aesthetic is Brutalist...mid-century modern inspired…with an eclectic approach. Says Andrea, "I love color, but more specifically, love creating contrast with color. Any and all things are a go, if used in the right combination or context." Inspiration comes mostly from travel: the barren landscapes of Iceland; the organized chaos of color in Japan; the architecture of Barcelona.

Susannah Gust. Young in her career with our COLLECTIVE, but as promising, no doubt. A few residential design projects have seen her expertise at play on a local level. "I am in love with the process of creating spaces for others to love." Her aesthetic is airy. Elegant. Unique. Influenced heavily by Nordic and Scandinavian design with brushes of bohemian color and texture. Inspirations include The Standard Design Club & Restaurant [Copenhagen] and The Saint-Lazare priory [France].

Lauren Bald. Currently assisting Cody on the design of the new Finca restaurant, as well as several local, residential projects. Design style best described as bits and pieces of L.A. street-life culture, gaudy Las Vegas, and mid-century modern Palm Springs. "I am eclectic by nature, but respect the serenity of a streamlined design in creating beautiful spaces." Inspirations abound in the daily: nature, the super market, music, dreams, family, books, history, inside jokes, religion, and pop culture.

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