Our message is simple, really. No matter where you're at, we encourage you all to love where you live. Space shapes life, dontcha know, and we want yours to be fantastic. There are loads of ways to make your space feel like a big ol' hug, and we encourage all of them. Buy a plant. Buy ten. Paint your walls. Swap out that hideous light fixture for something you actually like. Hang some art. And oftentimes, it seems that there, within the latter, is where the dilemma lies. There's a wealth of amazing art at our fingertips, and much of it is created by some endlessly talented folks right here in SLC. Problem is, it can be difficult for art aficionados to connect with the rad wares that our local comrades are cooking up. Does one simply attend every Gallery Stroll until confronted with the perfect piece? Put a blast on Facebook, only to receive a dozen or so replies from friends of your parents that obviously have no idea what you're into? These are both viable options, sure, but if you're on the hunt for unique local pieces, fear not--MASart-SLC is aiming to take the confused chaos out of connecting buyer and artist.

MASart is a local operation that works with buyers' "budget, design aesthetic, personal preferences, and taste" to find locally-sourced goodies for their purchasing (and oggling) pleasure. Their aim: to increase interest in purchasing local art by all but delivering it to your very door. You can peruse the group's online gallery (which features works for a few fantastic local talents, such as Kyle Jorgensen, Justin Wheatley, Paige Anderson, and Havoc Hendricks), or you can chat with them directly about the certain spot in your space that needs somethin. Get to know more about MAS at their Church & State Launch Party this Friday--eats, drinks, and the arts. Sounds delicious.

MASart-SLC Launch Party @ 1893 | Friday, March 25th, 8:00pm to 10:00pm | Church & State, 370 S. 300 E.

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