The Mary[Man]Land | Stage 3

2/24/2012 | Amy Tibbals
Marcus MacDonald

I believe largely in the importance of space - its affect on life is very real. Your surroundings should be a reflection of an existence that brings you contentment/love/peace, etc. Given that my 2011 brought some bone-break and heartache, my move to The Maryland had to be a lesson in forward movement and a catalyst for introspection. There is a passage in The Journey of Souls that reads, "If we choose unconsciously, we evolve unconsciously. If we choose consciously, we evolve consciously." Message received. I needed to create a sanctuary; a safe place to figure out my shit. An environment that would help me create habits would be a visual reminder of the things I want to fill my life with. So this is me...putting into practice that which I preach.

1. Filling my head: I needed to create a cozy room where I might be moved to relax, slow down and feel calm. I wanted to sit and read the type of books that would inspire, or motivate, or uplift me. My wallpaper choice was easy; the visual nod to books made the 'library feel' tangible.

2. Loving my people: My people ground me, so I created a space where I might remember to express gratitude and love.  A writing desk, complete with blank sheets and a pen at the ready, will remind me to stay connected with a letter.

3. Devouring it all: Eating with the people I adore is a simple, sublime treat. I wanted a massive table that would facilitate many, if need be, but it needed to serve more than one purpose. Enter, my inspirational multitude of design + other books...giant, marble table is perfect for spreading them out and ravaging at my leisure.

4. Living in my space: The kitchen is closed off from the rest of the house, but cooking healthy food for myself and my people is crucial. The main space being my library/writing room and the dining area reserved for devouring, the kitchen became a natural choice for my casual-living space. I employed books and a chandelier, and I filled the dark grey walls with art.

The details are numerous - I could go on for hours - but they're not needed to make my point. Simply put, I'm learning first hand that we get the most from our space when we make a conscious decision to create what is needed in our lives. For me, it was a sanctuary, and I'm getting back precisely that which I've put into my space.

The Mary[Man] Land Condo "Before" or "In Process"


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