The Market's Farmers | Part IV

9/6/2013 | Amy Tibbals
Corigan Kushma

Sweet Salt Lake Fresh Mint Limeade

Hasen and Teri Cone have been killing it at the Farmer’s Market this summer, thanks to their dynamite fresh mint limeade. The booth is bustling, to say the least; we'd say a line down the street covers it. Full disclosure, people are coming for the limeade and the show. These two aren't new to the market scene and the process is as streamlined as it is entertaining. Hand-pressed limes, organic cane sugar, and fresh-plucked mint are accompanied by happy makers, shaking mason jars, and a shouting Hasen. It's all part of the experience. Sweet Salt Lake Fresh Mint Limeade used to be more than just the one flavor [fresh ginger lemonade, and fresh raspberry lemonade, among others], but people took a touch too long to decide, so they decided to keep things simple, the only question now being, "how many?" In the name of less waste [and less time], they've also done away with lids and napkins -- bottom line, ‘it’s a sticky delicious mess.’ Hasen's days as an entrepreneur started as a snow cone man [snow-cone dude named 'Cone' = awesome], but in the interest of sticking with the 'summer drink thing', he went to work in concocting the perfect one. And obviously nailed it. The limeade has been such a huge success, they're working on bottling the stuff as we speak [more to come on that story]. In the meantime, you can find them slangin' summer sips to locals at Pioneer Park, Sugarhouse Park, and the Provo Market. Oh, and smarten up and check the booth next door for mint limeade salsa.

Sweet Salt Lake Fresh Mint Limeade | SLC Farmer's Market | Sugarhouse Market, Sugarhouse Park | Provo Market



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