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12/2/2014 |

"MALL is an experiment. It’s a probe into how we as a society are driven to consume. By examining emerging formats in retail and commerce in experience-based spaces, MALL seeks to rethink the way in which people shop." Sounds like a mall we can COLLECTIVELY root for.

It'll be pop-up, which we like. It'll be downtown, which you know we love. And it will include graphic design, fashion, music, food, and drink--and we assume that we don't need to further proclaim our profound love for those things. MALL will be, above all else, something worth visiting and a reason to brave the cold. "We want to give people a unique atmosphere to shop, as well as enjoy the social aspect of meeting local designers," say event coordinators Gary Vlasic and Kent Miller. A spot to do some holiday shopping and be inspired/make pals...sounds stellar to us. According to the folks behind the facts, "This weekend will be busy with events, including Graphic Design Night on Friday, December 5th. There will be two video lectures by Europe-based designers, Bardhi Haliti and Davey Whitcraft, followed by a type/image workshop lead by the Internet Explorers / Number 04. The symposium will start at 7:00pm, followed by drinks and music from 9:30 to 11:00pm. Saturday, December 6th, will see a fundraiser for NOW-ID Performing Dance Theater Company with a sit-down dinner format. Live music will be provided by Two Nations and DJ Jesse Walker. And Sunday will bring Mall to a close, with live music by High Counsel, live projections by Bobbie Robinson, and the mall experience with featured artists." Okay so, yeah…let's go to the Mall.

MALL | Friday, Dec. 5th to Sunday, Dec. 7th, open nightly at 7:00pm | 159 W Pierpont Ave., SLC

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