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11/14/2013 | Amy Tibbals
Stacey Jo Rabiger


There's a new, vintage clothing boutique in SLC for men, women and children [a rarity], alike. It's tucked away in the new Art Space Solar Gardens on 850 South 400 West [suite 118], and this doozy's worth a visit. The proprietors, Rachael Skidmore and Stefanie Farnsworth, have had their eye on fashion since they were both young, which means they've both got a unique point of view for curating a delicious selection of rare and beautiful items for your browsing pleasure.

Even if vintage isn't your thing, you're likely to find your old-timey voice and learn to work it with Stefanie and Rachael's help. I, for one, can't wait to rock the reversible, wool-pleated skirt by Pendleton that they styled me with. It's a major one-of-a-kind, so I've given it a happy home. In contrast to the typical vintage shop, complete with loads of racks to slog through, Maeberry is merchandised perfectly with creative displays that make it easy to find what you seek. Vintage shopping should never be a chore, darling. I asked the duo a few questions about them, the boutique, and the super city we all call home. Keep reading...


 Tell us about yourselves. Rachael: I grew up loving the authenticity of vintage and wore it from a young age. I always dressed in a unique way and was often made fun of for it. As I grew older, I was still made fun of, but less and less. I think as we grow older, we embrace our “differences” more. We don’t look at being unique as a bad thing, but as a strength. Vintage comes in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and it embraces the individuality of each human being. A vintage dress is typically one of a kind, just like each of us. When you find that perfect dress that feels like it was made for you, that's just as rare as you are, you just can’t beat that feeling. Stefanie: I have a deep love for music, style & thrifting.I have 3 kids that I have shared that with. I also adore tattoos, vintage cars, and pinup. I love the rush of finding vintage treasures. I’m a little sarcastic and can be slightly offensive at times. It’s worked in my favor so far.

How would you describe your personal style? Rachael: I love the 1950’s and the 1960’s. I love being a woman and embracing my curves, and the styles of these eras make that effortless. Stefanie: I absolutely adore the 1950's and I like some 60's and 70's. I’m not always successful in dressing that way, even though I would like to. My inner kid that’s an undying skater punk always seems to come through no matter how hard I try to hide her. I love Converse, band t-shirts, anything black... sigh.

How did you two come to work together? Rachael: We met at Craft Lake City this past summer and really hit it off. We both have a strong passion for vintage and a strong work ethic. We started talking about how we could work together and in about two weeks we had keys to our store. We tend to be passionate about the same things which makes it really easy to work together, yet we each bring our own flavor and personality to the table.

How is your boutique different than the other vintage shops in SLC? Rachael: What makes our store unique is that it is not what you expect out of a vintage store. It is very boutique-esque...very light and elegant. We have the best customer service around. We want each person in the store to feel extremely welcome and at home. We try to get to know people by name and know what they like so we can cater to their needs. Stefanie: I think what makes us unique is that we are two unique girls. We have different ideas and styles, and between the two of us we can accommodate and appeal to a variety of vintage shoppers, from pinup girls to the casual vintage buyer.

Have you always been into fashion? Rachael. Yes. Always. I was drawing dresses in a little journal at the age of 6. When I filled up the journal, I buried it in a park and never saw it again. I still don’t know why I did that. I have always had a flair for creativity and fashion is a great way to express yourself daily. Our prices are very affordable. We want to make sure it is reasonable enough that you can wear vintage every day and not break the bank. Stefanie: Always. I am interested in a wide range of fashion. I love angles, patterns, colors...all of it. When I was younger, I was intrigued with an array of different styles, from Jackie Onassis to Punky Brewster.

Who inspires you? Rachael: Bridget Bardot, she is absolutely divine. Jane Birkin is someone I will Google if I need some inspiration for an outfit. And of course, Audrey Hepburn; you can’t be classier than Audrey. I have all her movies and countless books. She is not only elegant, but wise and kind. Stefanie: I am very inspired by everything about Bettie Page. I love the glamour of Marilyn Monroe. I also always loved Esther Williams. For some reason Priscilla Presley always stuck out to me.

Future goals? For the store or otherwise? Rachael: We would like to build our store and share the love of vintage with as many people as possible. We'd like to expand to a larger shop eventually. I’d love to be a fashion consultant and help out at photo shoots for magazines, photographers, or public events. We love to collaborate. Stefanie: I think a lot of people are used to shopping at the mall or think they wouldn't wear vintage for various reasons. I would like to broaden our customer range, in general. Hopefully, people that are unfamiliar will come in and be pleasantly surprised.

What is your favorite fashion-related word? Rachael: Unique. Stefanie: Trifecta. To me that's a fashion-related word. Or maybe I look for excuses to use it.

Any fashion rules you like to break? Rachael: Rules? What rules?

Where do you shop [other than your own shop]? Rachael: We love Misc. Boutique, Retro Betty, and Unhinged. Shopping local is very important to us.

What is your favorite thing about SLC? Rachael: My favorite part of Salt Lake City is the diversity. It's the most diverse city in the state and I find refuge in that. I get bored with meritocracy and I love getting to know people’s stories and lives. In Salt Lake City, there are plenty of people to meet and stories to hear. There is always something going on to celebrate the different cultures represented in our state, which doesn’t always have to do with ethnicity. Stefanie: My favorite thing about Salt lake is this is where I grew up; its home to me. I love the familiarity.   The people of this city are eclectic and lovely and I really appreciate that.

We miss anything? Rachael: This month, I opened a store with my business partner and I found out I'm pregnant! This is on top of a full-time job outside of the shop. It's been quite the month! Who says you can’t do it all? Follow your passion, have a plan, and everything will work out.

Maeberry Vintage | 850 South 400 West, Suite 118 | 801.721.7290 | Facebook



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