Lunch at Pallet Bistro

5/10/2012 | Amy Tibbals

I designed Pallet with a particular person in Selfish, yes, but I was confident that others in our city would also love to take advantage of what I envisioned. Delicious food..of course. Good glass of wine...yes. But Pallet needed to fulfill other needs. As it so happens, it does. Humility be damned, we've ended up with an incredible space where I feel comfortable doing any/all of the following [and so could you]:

1) Sipping a tasty cocktail and quietly reading alone while not feeling singled-out or on display at a massive, lonely four-top.

2) Snacking amongst my wide spread of blueprints, books and a laptop; both the tables and the environment are friendly enough to foster it, even once the mood swings with the evening crowd.

3) Enjoying the space at all hours. Smooth transition from day to night, light to dark, quiet to sound, calm to party...the change in energy isn't jarring. You probably didn't even know it happened.

4) Treating the COLLECTIVE crew to lunch, a man to dinner, or a client to a cocktail -- it's appropriately designed, regardless of occasion. Try 'em all, I say.

Yesterday, it was lunch with the COLLECTIVE crew to celebrate successes [stay tuned...more to come soon on our next downtown real-estate and design project]. Good people, new ideas, a creative space, a bunch of wine and delicious food.

Pallet perfect.


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