Love Note | Alamexo

6/3/2015 | Amy Tibbals
Jess Downer + Nata Stone, Big Bear Photo Co.

A friend with benefits is a mighty fine thing, we're sure. But a client with benefits is unquestionably fantastic [in a very different way]. This is our big ol', written beso [y abrazo] to our client and pal, Matthew Lake. He's the owner and head chef at Alamexo, and we're all like, "Damn, this place is goooood." We were invited to a family-style, Viva la Vida dinner with the fantastic foodie crowd of Salt Lake, and you can color us humble…then slightly inebriated. The tables were filthy with incredible food [think: Mahi Mahi ceviche, handkerchief tamales steamed in banana leaf, and Niman Ranch hanger steak with toasted chili seeds and spices] all paired perfectly with top-shelf tequila [ahem: big ups to Lisa at Vida!]. The company was outstanding, the eats superb, and we left happy. In short: holy mole.

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