The quantities won't be limitless, but yeah...there's gonna be some free beer.

In case you forgot, we're having a 'thing' on Friday, guys. Our party, shindig, fete, soiree, affair is this Friday, the 13th, and it's happening rain or shine. Technically, it's just a little end-of-summer round of applause for super locals, featured businesses, and thoroughly-loved clients. Apart from the brotherly and sisterly love, we'll have the aforementioned beer [provided by Epic Brewery] and a bit of a specialty cocktail [provided by Sugarhouse Libations] for the sipping until we run dry [obvs, we'll only serve those of legal drankin' age, so be sure to bring a valid license]. We'll also happily serve up water and soda pops for designated drivers and non-drinkers. We'll have some truly legit grub from R&R Barbecue for the eating, and Dolcetti Gelato will be dishing scoops of joy for any with a sweet toof. Oh, and we've got a DJ, and we're assuming he will have plenty of musical ditties on hand for whatever brand of popping/locking/twerking/prancercising you're into. [our COLLECTIVE fingers are crossed for the latter].

The hug-fest starts at 7pm this Friday and you're more than welcome to stay until 10pm...still plenty of time for you to head to the bar or the movies or back home to catch another episode of Orange Is the New Black. Time and place details can be found below, and love can be found in our parking lot. Come ova'.

Bonus: bring your phone and get to Instagrammin'. The ten best shots of the night with the #cityhomecollective hashtag will get a FREE design consult with Cody and Andrea. Oh, and the very, very best shot of the night [with the same hashtag] gets a doozy of a treat: our lounge for an evening to host the event of your choice [within reason]. More details in a blog tomorrow, but best to start practicing now.



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