The Lounge Lessons | Vol. One

8/28/2014 |

COLLECTIVELY, we're inspired by so many of our salty city's facets; it's no surprise to us that she's full of people, places, and ideas at which we marvel everyday. But marveling isn't always enough, and we're happy to be inspired to do more than just say something. Sometimes, you gotta do. We want to offer up ways to put monies where mouths are; to present viable options for everyday folks to affect positive change where it's needed. We love Salt Lake, but it's a state with its fair share of issues: air quality [duh], water quality [yikes], homelessness and teen suicide…there's shit to be done. And lucky for us all, there are a good handful of brilliant minds in our city who have their fingers squarely on the pulse of actual change…the kind of folks who can help us all do more than just talk. Wave-maker think tankers. It's these folks that we're COLLECTIVELY planning to have around a bit more.

To that end, we're gonna start up a little series called Lounge Lessons. Every now and again, we'll do our damnedest to bring in someone that will spark creative change and get us all inspired while we sip whiskey and cry silent tears of joy. Mr. Stephen Goldsmith is a revelation, and the first on our list of luminaries. The founder of Artspace and an Associate Professor/Lecturer at the U of U College of Architecture + Planning, we had the pleasure of hearing him speak during a recent Meet the Masters gathering [held by the Young Architects Forum], and you can color us mesmerized. In a few clever breaths, he had us all giddy with "what can we do?!?" and "where should we start?!?"

Join us on Thursday, September 11th, as we chat with Stephen about "making the invisible visible," a phrase often used to describe a key principle of ecoliteracy. Sure, SLC's air-quality issue is obvious in January when the air is brown. And it's easy enough to avoid drinking water actually labeled unfit for drinking…but until we can all take a good hard look at the actual toxins in our air and water, they won't really be visible. With Stephen's help, we'll explore this idea in depth, leaving with a keen sense of exactly what's visible and precisely what we can actually do. Stick around for further details in a reminder blog, but for now just mark your calendar with a big gold heart.

Lounge Lessons with Stephen Goldsmith | Thursday, Sept. 11th, time TBA | cityhomeCOLLECTIVE HQ, 645 E South Temple, SLC

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