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2/21/2013 | Amy Tibbals
Marcus MacDonald

We dug up Nikki Breedlove's interview from 2011 to find ourselves inspired and encouraged by her answer to the 9th question. Please, please continue to send good thoughts/energy/love Nikki's way as she recovers in NYC. Pay attention, people: brevity, breathing, and style are now [and always have been] the orders of this lady's day.


Do you have an animal spirit? Hawk.

What piece in your closet means the most to you?  Alexander McQueen silk scarf.

What book(s) are you reading right now? The Guru Gita and the Power of Now.

How would you make Salt Lake City healthier? More yoga!

Is there something you're looking forward to? Always the weekend.

When you close your eyes you travel to? The Cosmos.

Who or what inspires you? Tall trees and little furry things.

Who is your style icon? Mozart.

What do you absolutely love about yourself? My ability to get back up when I fall.

How do you view success, and how do you work to that end? Eternal joy and baby steps.

If you could design anything, what would that be? Yoko Ono's hair...organically, spontaneously, in the moment.

How do you stay healthy? Conscious breathing.

What do you love about your life? It's constantly progressing.

Talk about "creative energy". Where do you get yours? What does it look/feel like? I get my energy from nature. Looks familiar, feels familiar.

How do you connect with nature? Vision quest hiking.

Anyone you know that inspires courage in you? Mentors? Idols? My client, Mike Weinholtz.

Where have you found your family? In all those with sparkles in their eyes.

Describe falling in love to a child: It's like swimming in a pool of cool whip.

What thing can you not tolerate? Anything stuck in my contact...also, Styrofoam.

Describe in a sentence your perfect life: Something beyond my imagination.

What could you not live without? Love.

What helps you sleep? Visual meditation: Yoga for the Mind's eye: Dancing Mandalas visual meditation.

What's cozy? A big fuzzy robe or a hammock.

So, why Salt Lake? I believe in blooming where your plant is.

Favorite room in your house? The yard.

What kind of book would you write? A self help book.

Where do you see the world heading? Forward.

Share your opinion on aliens. They only talk to you if you talk first.

Were you born in the right time period? Once again...yes.

What attracts you? Light.

How often do you change? With every breath.

What are you learning? I'm learning the art of letting go.

What are you teaching? I'm teaching the art of creating.

Describe the people in your life: Vibrant, insane, and delicate.

What's your destiny? Yet to be determined.

Where do you feel safe? In god's hands.

Describe your favorite place you've ever lived: The cove house [3602 Apollo] at the bottom of Mt. Olympus.

Crowds or solitude? I believe in the buddy system; but I suppose solitude.

Oceans or lakes? Oceans.

What pet have you always wished you had: A hawk.

Did we forget anything? Ask yourself one question: Did I mention my last name? It's Breedlove.

“When we unite as one with a mission to create magic and beauty, we are egoless, genderless, and fearless.” | Nikki Breedlove

See Nikki's style, work, and magic here, here, and here.


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