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1/20/2012 | Amy Tibbals
Marcus MacDonald

Our friend, client and local coffee-slinger, Joe Evans, is an interesting chap, most surely. You can always get a taste of a person by what they surround themselves with. Joe surrounds himself with quality: a quality modern aesthetic, hidden within an old, Victorian building; quality coffee blends served at his business Nobrow Coffee; quality family, in the form of an adorable wife [Emily] and and their indescribably-cute son [Oliver]. Quality cats, too, for that matter [they're currently up for adoption].  We shot a few questions Joe's way -- take a read at what quality's about.

What's in your purse/bag/wallet? Junk, and more junk. It's a mess and a little worn out. I usually just cram stuff in my pockets instead and haul a book, unopened mail and my iPad in a messenger bag.

What piece in your closet means the most to you? I've got thing for Japanese selvadge denim, but the most important stuff in my closet is probably some things we've stored from our wedding.

Which of your body parts is your favorite? I'm American, so by social convention I'm obligated to hate my body.

Do you have a hidden talent? I'm a whiz at your mom jokes.

What book(s) are you reading right now? I just finished The Song of Ice and Fire series and started The Billionaire's Vinegar.

Is there something you're looking forward to? Finding a new house. I love designing and decorating a new space.

Do you follow any blogs? Tell us your 3 favorites: Cleanhotdry, Handsome coffee, the vintage mixer, and convoy. Not to mention, a little blog called cityhomeCOLLECTIVE...and I just started curmudgeonlyslc.

When you close your eyes you travel to? Anyplace less stressful than business ownership. I love to eat when I travel, so there is no place in particular that I go to in fantasy other than new places to eat.

Who or what inspires you? My wife, Emily, and my son, Oliver.

Give us your opinion on the importance of food: It's the visceral heart of every relationship. I'm not sure there is much else more important. It's how we survive, express love, develop relationships, etc.

So... why Salt Lake? I love it here. It's the kind of city where you can still have an impact. I love the outdoors, the [small] size, the pleasantness of the people, and the relatively-low cost of living. Every city has its down side, and so do we, but Salt Lake has a lot to offer.

If you owned Salt Lake City you would...tell people to quit leaving. If there is something missing here, you can create it yourself. That's what I did with nobrow...and countless others have done the same with their small businesses.

Who is your style Icon? Your mom.

How do you view success, and how do you work toward your version of it? Success is finding comfort and happiness. If all you want is to be more than what you are, you'll never be happy.

If you could design anything, what would that be? A new house. Hopefully, I'll have a chance to do that soon, since you guys just sold our condo for us, and we're now without a home.

Do you have a career/business/craft/hobby/passion/idea that we can share with the world? If so, what should the world know about it? Drop by my shop and you'll see it. The world should know how amazing coffee can be and I'm doing my part to share that with people every day.

Anyone you know that inspires courage in you? Mentors? Idols? My son inspires me. It's amazing to experience the world through his eyes. It's changed the way I view everything.

What thing can you not tolerate? I bitch about everything! So the question should be what can I tolerate?

Describe, in a sentence, your perfect life: Same one I have now, but with financial stability, more time with my family, and a little more cash to travel with. I love what I do, but have only had very limited success in doing it.

Describe being in love to a child: I don't think I really understood love until I had a child of my own, so I don't think I could.

How do you travel? Planes, trains and automobiles, and sometimes a bicycle.

What could you not live without? Coffee and beer.

What helps you sleep? I have chronic insomnia.

Share a pivotal moment of your life: Not to sound both redundant and cliche, but my wedding and the birth of my child.

What kind of book would you write? I just started a blog that focuses primarily on food, so probably some sort of foodie book or maybe a bad fantasy novel.

What do you want to leave to your children or the youth of tomorrow? I want to continue to try and improve the world we live in and, most of all, I want to leave my son that desire to make things better too.

What do you collect? Records. I think I would be a bit of a hoarder if it weren't for my wife secretly tossing out old magazines and newspapers. I have a tendency to buy t-shirts and shoes that I never end up wearing, too.

Were you born in the right time period? Sure. I'm kind of cynical and don't really have any sort of delusions about the past being any better than the present, nor am I sure that things will get better, but I'd like to try to make them better.

What attracts you? Depends on what you mean. I'm a sucker for my wife. I'm really a sucker for good packaging and design. I'll buy almost anything that has a great package or good logo.

How often do you change? I am a stubborn guy so change comes slowly for me. The only thing that constantly changes are my attempts to get better at what I do.

What is your favorite drink? Aside from coffee? Beer. I'm a big fan of most of the local micro brews, including the 4% stuff at the grocery store. I'm also a huge fan of High West whiskey...I sip some from time to time, but I like to keep my drinking moderate. Secretly, I love Mountain Dew. I know it's disgusting and don't drink it often, but I'll always have a little sweet spot for it in my heart.

What catches your eye on the street? Once again, your mom.

What's your favorite room in your house? Currently homeless, but I love the kitchen. Our first place had an open floor plan, so the kitchen looked out on the rest of the lower level. Our last place didn't have that and I really missed it.

Describe your favorite place you've ever lived: I'm still looking for that favorite place, so you guys have your work cut out for you.

Crowds or solitude? Small social settings, dinner with my wife and a few friends. I really am a homebody, which is rough for somebody living temporarily in their parent's basement.

Oceans or lakes? Both.

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