Light As Air | Crystal Clear

10/9/2014 | Katie Bald
Corigan Kushma & Leigh Cornu

We really have the world here in our little Salt Lake Valley, friends. From the tips of our breathtaking mountains, to our deep, trout-filled rivers, all the way down to our strangely beautiful [if not a bit pungent] Great Salt Lake. We have a diverse and special landscape to call home--and you'd be a damn fool to take it for granted. We consider ourselves lucky to share this space between the Wasatch and Oquirrhs. We all live and love here, and we’re all breathing the same air. Ohhh, the air... It’s our most precious resource, and as of late, it is in desperate need of a little TLC. We’ve all played some small part to get in this murky mess. We are the people who live here, and we are the only people who can make it better. It’s time to come together, y’all.

As we're apt to do, we are COLLECTIVELY advocating for [and sponsoring] an inspiring community gathering. Non-profiteers Western Resource Advocates are teaming up with Landis Salon for Light As Air: a night of local food, spirits, and dancing from some of the world's best--all in the name of good folks coming together to positively raise awareness for our air quality. Mark your calenders and get your tickets. Last year, local Utah-lover Leigh Cornu [the primary event organizer] put on the near-and-dear-to-us community event "Layers" to raise funds for a lovely local in need: Nikki Breedlove. This year, we're all the locals in need. Proceeds from Light As Air will be going to the "Clean Air Utah" division of Western Resource Advocates to aid in their fight for our air quality.

The greatest ideas are born from necessity, and we are in need of an out-the-damn-box solution to our air issues [along with our unique topography comes a unique problem-o]. Step right up, 'cause we have the opportunity to be leaders in air quality solutions for the nation. Let’s be known for unparalleled efforts in creating clean air, rather than letting our dirty air steal the thunder from our purple mountain majesties. Breathe deep. Ahhhh... Smells like clean spirit.

Light As Air: A Community Celebration Raising Awareness to the Air Quality in Utah | Sunday,  November 2nd

Jeanne Wagner Theatre | 138 W 300 S | 6:00pm

Click here to purchase tickets

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