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10/22/2015 |

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We love this state. Full stop. You know that, right? We've got a landscape like no other, and for that we're obsessed with Utah. But as gorgeous/breathtaking/awe-striking/full of adventure our surrounding mountains are, we're reminded daily of the bowl in which we sit. The air pollution in our city and surrounding areas is nothing to joke about. It dictates that we think twice before lighting a fire, commuting a substantial distance alone, or "cold starting" our vehicles. Residents and businesses, alike, need to be highly cognizant of what we're putting out there. And, as with any major problem, we have to work collaboratively to create unique solutions.

“Service, support, and balls-deep social action are the preconditions to the fix,” says our COLLECTIVE Manifesto, so we've obviously no qualms with advocating for the second annual Light As Air: A Community Celebration Raising Awareness About the Air Quality in Utah. In short, it's a weekend of celebration, education, and inspiration for our own collective good. Two days of creativity meant to inspire us all to make small, daily changes that will have the impact level needed to make change. Once again, organizers of LAA will be partnering with the good people of Western Resource Advocates. WRA is a 501-c(3) non-profit whose efforts improve and protect our air quality, and all monies raised over the weekend will benefit and further the work of this fantastic group.

Leigh Cornu, a COLLECTIVE pal and the force behind this fabulous event, has--in short--set up an inspiring weekend. Saturday, November 7th, will see the event's benefit dinner, for which we're COLLECTIVELY thrilled. Hosted by none other than our favorite pioneer in urban planning, Mr. Stephen Goldsmith, attendees will be treated to dinner (think: Eva's, Blue Plate, Le Croissant Catering), drinks (think: Bar X, Beehive, Vida, Squatters), and a moving presentation of what it means to take action for the betterment of our state. You can take us at our word: Goodfellow Goldsmith is a passionate advocate for our city who has affected some of its greatest changes. He's also hugely inspiring and authentic as hell, and you'll want to hear what he has to say. Bonus: this amazing dinner will be happening within the stunning and sacred walls of Church & State (pictured below)…oh, but it won't end with supper. In fact, those hungry for some entertainment will be pleased to know that Sunday the 8th is jam packed with it. If you missed last year's moves, not to worry: Light As Air will have the talents of more than 15 dance companies from around the state. Translation: so many bodies on the Rose Wagner stage, jumping, twirling, popping, locking, and straight slaying it. Given that this is a one-night-only deal, we'll spell out it out: Samba Fogo, Fire Muse Circus, Myriad Dance, Millennium Dance Company SLC, Underground Crew, UDO, Dance Tech Studios, Park City Dance Academy, and NuTribe--to name a few--will be stretched and ready to blow our minds in the name of clean air. We trust you'll be jumping on those ticket purchases now.

Booths will also be set up for the purposes of education, and everyone is invited to write a postcard to congress highlighting why clean air is important to you. All postcards will be hand delivered the following week while congress is in session. So, yeah…real change, guys. Here's your shot. For more information about Light As Air, and to purchase tickets for the benefit dinner and/or evening of dance performances, visit the links below. Note: tickets purchased for Saturday evening’s benefit dinner will INCLUDE a ticket to the next night's dance performance (win, win). Community. Creativitiy. Education. Inspiration. Time to get our hands dirty and our air clean, folks.

Light As Air | Saturday, Nov. 7th, 6:00pm (Church & State, 370 S 300 E); Sunday, Nov. 8th, 6:00pm (Rose Wagner Theater, 138 W Broadway)

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