Life in Your Space | Frame-worthy

12/16/2015 |

We happen to think that this fair beauty is just as bewitching on the inside as she is from the curb, so we invited a host of folks with a knack for modern moxie (and exceptional taste) over for a some eats, drinks, and being-merry. As predicted, the consensus was that this is a stellar space: designed beautifully and designed well. There's something to be said for feeling the soft-close of the Poliform cabinetry and the slick stainless of the counter tops--a definite reminder that some things are best experienced first hand. The crowd, mood, and light were just right for a perfect post-workday soiree, and Sugar House Park--located squarely across the street--made for excellent people-watching from the rooftop perch. Not only is this peach perfectly located for city living, but it's also remarkably quiet, private, and oh-so-peaceful. This modern casa's markedly neat interior serves as the perfect frame for those picture windows, so the ever-changing views (in nearly every room) can be enjoyed distraction-free. Mixing and mingling was twice as nice on the rooftop deck--just off the main suite--and a park-side sunset is always best over a glass of something good. Inspiring conversation ensued (see: how best to host a rooftop camp out, the perks of parks, where we would put the hammock), and as the sun dipped below the trees, we let out a COLLECTIVE sigh and thought, Wouldn't it be nice? If--while flipping through the photos below--you find yourself letting out a bit of a sigh, too, we hardly blame you; a showstopping modern with a dash of city livin' is hard to come by. Searching for a bit of peaceful/park/modern/city life for yourself? You can have it all, and it's all right here.

Contact Cody Derrick at cityhomeCOLLECTIVE for additional details or to schedule a private showing | 801.718.5555

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