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7/31/2015 | Amy Tibbals
Kerri Fukui

Marmalade, for those unawares, is one of SLC's charmingest 'hoods, and as of late it's getting a makeover fit for the record books. Folks are flooding here from every corner of the city, and we're thinking that the new public city library--already in the works--has more than a little to do with it. This little house, however, has been in the COLLECTIVE family for years now: our client/friend, Matt, sold it to clients/friends, Bob and Markell, in 2011. Since then, the two have been holding down the cozy fort, along with (GAP Kids ad-worthy cute) kid Ami, two adorable pups, and a pair of chickens (Liza Minnelli and Beyoncé are very appropriately dubbed--respective feathers, struts, and all--and omelet lovers will rejoice to know that Bob is threatening teasing to leave the ol' birds to whoever snaps up the casa next). Alas, the time has come for the lovely bunch to move on, but they're just headed a couple blocks east...the 'hood is that good. Before they make the official move, though, they invited us over for wine 'n' carbs 'n' backyard shenanigans. This is a spot for the good life, folks. There's an organic garden out front (along with a porch ripe for stoopin'), the kitchen was recently remodeled (including that uh-may-zing reclaimed wood install), and...well, we think the rest of the home speaks for itself. Good people living good lives in a good home. It's all that and a side of scrambled eggs.

Contact Cody Derrick at cityhomeCOLLECTIVE for additional details or to schedule a private showing | 801.718.5555

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