Life In Your Space | Easy As Pie

10/1/2015 |
Kerri Fukui

It's bittersweet, really. One of Salt Lake City's loveliest lil' families is--for the time being--moving on. We are (totally, extremely, gut-wrenchingly) sad to see them go, but we're thrilled to send them on their way (and will be anxiously-awaiting their return from our COLLECTIVE widow's walk). Now, let's move on to the "sweet" part. That adorable home of theirs--perched in the Metro, at the heart of downtown's perhaps-most-walkable 'hood--is up for grabs. Yes, y'all: this is a primo lot in a primo spot, and--though slight in size--this condo packs a punch. We bore witness to both home decorating- and pie baking-skills when we popped over for a bite to eat and a bit of old fashioned FaceTime. Good wine, fresh juice, and a spot of crudite will get you far in our book--tack on some personal pan peach pie (thanks, Jillian!) and we're straight lovestruck. Perhaps it was the good company, perhaps it was the pie, probably it was baby Grey (get a load o' that mug), but a good time was had by all. This cozy home has housed one of the lovin-est fams we know, so the cup of good juju runneth over, here. Bon voyage, old friends. New friends: we highly suggest you get a move on. Details on this home to come later this week.

Like the style in the photos below? You might consider checking out some of Dan's work at his Beeteeth store here.

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