Life In Your Space | Palisades

10/29/2015 |

No matter how you slice it, the holidays are upon us. The latter half of the year--all cozy nights cuddled up to the fireside, crisp morning air, and scarves pulled up to noses--is here, and it all officially kicks off with Halloween weekend (because, ready or not, we all know the stores will be dressed for Christmas come Monday). This stately Orem abode, all tucked up into a quiet, picture-perfect 'hood that's boasting Rockwell-style foliage this time of year, was the perfect spot for gathering 'round and testing out our best pumpkin painting skills. A warm (and generous) entry welcomed us into the space, and we felt immediately at-home in the spacious-yet-cozy kitchen/main entertaining space. The fabulous floor plan allowed conversation flowed from room to room with ease, and post-pumpkin decorating, we all drifted outside to watch the shadows grow long. Shrouded by mature trees and shrubbery, but sporting loads of windows for optimum natural light, this spot somehow affords the perfect mixture of beautiful views and total privacy. And that backyard? It was made to play in (no matter your age). This space is about just that--space. Inside and out, this cozy spot is busting with good vibes, open air, and plenty of room to gather your gang. It may be officially cooling off, but we've found the perfect spot to cozy up and hunker down. Give us a call--let's get you home for the holidays.

Contact Monica Dennis at cityhomeCOLLECTIVE for additional information or to schedule a private showing | 801.623.9422

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