Life in Your Space | Miss Your Face

1/9/2014 | Amy Tibbals
Stacey Jo Rabiger

Hate to wax all sentimental, but when good ones like these walk out of our daily lives, we can't help but put up a flag and shout, "come back!" When someone stands deserving of a virtual hug, we're all open arms around here. As cityhomeCOLLECTIVE gold members [they've been buying, selling, and referring business to Cody for 7+ years], Paul and Stacey fall squarely into that category.

These two were largely-amazing members of our little SLC community for some time. Add to that their work in creating one of the most stunning, unique, modern homes in the 9th & 9th area, and we'd say our city's now officially short on two very stellar folks. That said, we know better than anyone that there's a perfect place and space for everyone, and these two are off to find theirs in warmer climates. As far as the home in the photos below is concerned, a happy couple recently closed on it, and we trust they'll settle in and make it their own. To Paul and Stacey, enjoy your beaches and sunshine. California don't know how lucky she is, but Utah's well aware of the loss.

Life-In-Your-Space-Salt-Lake-Modern-Home-For-Sale-5 Life-In-Your-Space-Salt-Lake-Modern-Home-For-Sale-group-2Life-In-Your-Space-Salt-Lake-Modern-Home-For-Sale-9 Life-In-Your-Space-Salt-Lake-Modern-Home-For-Sale-12 Life-In-Your-Space-Salt-Lake-Modern-Home-For-Sale-group-1 Life-In-Your-Space-Salt-Lake-Modern-Home-For-Sale-group-3 Life-In-Your-Space-Salt-Lake-Modern-Home-For-Sale-10


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