Landis Salon | Salt Flats Creative Shoot

10/4/2012 | Amy Tibbals
Cody Derrick

"When we unite as one with a mission to create magic and beauty, we are egoless, genderless, and fearless." | Nikki Breedlove

Landis and crew are in the business of creating beauty. They do it often and without fail, in effect. We're yet to be uninspired by this gang's ability to pull together with the sheer purpose of making things beautiful. In the spirit of elucidation, see proof of talent below. On Monday, October 1st, this clever clique piled onto a school bus and pointed it due west to reach the Salt Flats outside of Wendover. Then, they set up shop and made pretty. Take a lesson from these creatives: if you want to be near beauty, but can't see it, seek it out and create it. Inspire those around you to get on board. COLLECTIVE tip of our hat to Nikki Breedlove for encouraging us to come along and watch the ravishing show.

Models: Phoebe Davenport, Minna Wang, Mikal Moore, Nyssa Pack, Tim Asay, Nicole Milstead, Zac Hardy, James Hardy, Jeffrey Powell, Chase Barney, Samme, Lisa

Stylists: Joe Ramirez, Shawn Kirk, Ashley Sant, Kip Nielson, Tim Asay, Logan Fast, Jessica Stoker, Skylar Swenson, Karlie Dalton, Rachael Carey, James Carter, Kerri Jones, Brooklyn Juday, Mitch Allen, Chase Barney, Ashley Free, Seth Bullough, Stevie Bowens, James Carter, and Nikki Breedlove



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