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2/7/2013 | Amy Tibbals
Corigan Kushma


Kyong An Millar, owner of the lovely 9th & 9th boutique, Koo De Ker, is stylish and appealing enough. Factor in her pup, Miso, and it's all just too damn adorable for words. A native of Provo, Kyong has been providing the ladies of SLC with alternatives to the usual GMC ["General Mall Clothing", she says] for over a decade. A peek inside Koo De Ker will likely be your lucky day; it's like boutique shopping in a bigger, more diverse city, but without the matching price tag. Beautiful knitwear, J Brand denim, tasty accessories...her style is spot-on and perfect for any number of occasions. Seek out a kit with a vintage feel...or not. There's new stuff every time you visit. Or just take a lesson from Kyong -- she's always dressed to the inspiring nines. Read on, then head in...


What inspired the concept for your shop? I've always had a love for fashion and travel. One thing I love about traveling is all the unique local businesses you encounter. Salt Lake City and Provo have come a long way, but at the time when I opened there really wasn't much in women's fashion.

What are some of your favorite items in the shop right now? I love J Brand for denim; it's one of my favorite lines, and it's universally flattering on everyone. Lauren Moffatt is probably my favorite designer. I love that all of her pieces have a vintage feel.

What is the philosophy behind your business? What's important to you? I've always felt that there's this misconception that you have to have a lot of money to have good style or taste. That's simply not the case. I really tried hard to bring pieces into the shop that are well made & unique. Its nice to have a blouse or dress that you don't see on 20 different girls. I also wanted the shop to be affordable. Most of our items are under $100.

Is there a running theme running inside? I would definitely say my customer is someone that's style savvy. Someone who wants to stand out; someone who's tired of GMC (generic mall clothing!). I get a thrill helping people put together looks they never thought about wearing before.

Where do you see Koo De Ker heading in the next 5 years? I hope to launch an online shop soon. It's definitely something I know we need to do!

 Koo De Ker Facebook | "koodeker" on Instagram

Koo De Ker | 1037 E 900 S |801.359.4870



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