Kimball Gala | Smashing Summer

8/6/2014 | Lisa Elin Craighead
Blake Peterson

It was all fabulous-meets-selflessness on the opening night of the Kimball Arts Festival at Stein Eriksen Lodge in Deer Valley. Mmm hmm.

The arts in Utah are revered for the positive effect they have on our lives, but the Kimball recognizes a touch more than that. While that positivity is a lovely sentiment, money is what keeps the artists creating, and enables young people to have access to artistic education. Thus, each year they skillfully pull from the deep pool of accomplished artists and donors for a fantastic auction and dinner. OC Tanner, Porsche Design, and Farasha Boutique were among dozens of others contributing their time, talent and wares. All told, over $100,000 was raised for education, exhibitions and support for the Kimball Arts Center.

With the help of Panic Button Media, this gala is known as one of the premier art charity events in the country. As good for art is it as engaging to attend. Farasha Boutique's Vanessa De Palma Wright styled a stunningly edgy themed, "Art En Vogue," runway show. A gorgeous turnout of art lovers scooped up the over 150 donated items. YAA Students created the lampshades nestled on each table. It was an intense gathering of creative love fuled by the crystalline Wasatch air. Kimball's commitment to the arts is as solid and impressive as the Utah mountains and landscapes that inspire much of the creative juices that keep this gorgeous state flowing. Until next year...keep donating, supporting, and dressing like there's a gala every damn day.

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