Justin Nelson-Carruth | FICE Show

5/17/2013 | Amy Tibbals
Amanda Peterson

We told you about this guy some time last year [see what's below]. Justin Nelson-Carruth is a local artist that we COLLECTIVELY adore. So much so, in fact, that one of his works can be found gracing the entry wall of our new synagogue/office. There should likely be one in your entryway, too, so we're here to help you out. Tonight, Justin will be at FICE Gallery for his latest exhibit, and it includes plenty of new stuff [some of which is small and cheap, according to him]. Get there. Buy art. Support local. GO.

FICE Gallery | 160 E 200 S | Friday, May 17th, 6pm - 9pm


There's a relatively small warehouse in our city with a surprising gut. A plethora of artists and creators, each of which with his or her own creative 'space', lines the hallways. It's one of those small, sub-communities that reaffirm the talent that SLC is crawling with. Proof positive, we found Justin Nelson-Carruth inside.

Justin grew up sketching and drawing, a born artist, and completely self taught. He dabbled in photography for a spell, but quickly found himself planted comfortably at his easel again [with oil paints]. As a teenager enrolled at Brighton High School, he took a few "underwhelming" art classes, but was soon accepted into an AP senior painting class that would prove to be quite the opposite. A former full-time university professor, his teacher was “one of those people who makes you confident”. Justin was inspired and motivated to take his talent to the next level.

A couple of years ago, Justin had his first solo show at the Finch Lane Gallery. He'd proposed to the gallery that he display a series of work that acted like a filmstrip; each painting would represent 1 second of a cinematic segment. Not surprisingly, he sold the majority of his displayed work. Then he created more.

Admittedly, Justin tries to evoke feelings of nostalgia and an overall 'mood of the scene' in each of his works. Whatever it is you gather from it is the right feeling. In painting and art, “ you get to do what you want. Make up your own rules", he says. He paints with no pressure other than his own. He doesn't try to please others with his work...but it naturally does just that. You can experience his work at any and all of his upcoming shows; contact Justin at [email protected].


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