Kate's Coop du Jour

5/23/2012 | Amy Tibbals
Jacquie Dadam

Backyard chickens are all the rage. Urban farming is dope. Over the next few months, we'll be featuring some of SLC's finest chicks, their owners, and the places they call 'home'. Our clients adore their chickens -- they aren't in this for the eggs alone -- and it's clear in the coop. These spaces are just as well planned and styled as the homes our clients live in.  Everyone loves where they live. Egg-layers included.

Kate is your quintessential, urban farmer. Her coop and garden, alike, will make you envious [it's the perfect backyard to wander before dinner, and we'll feature it in all its glory later this summer]. I was really in awe of her coop. It's styled after her own home, matching roof tile and all -- a superb space for the sassy broads that live inside. Let us introduce the brood: Alice, Tacy and Pamela Anderson [the reddish hens] are Golden Sex Links. Maisie is a brown Araucana, and the producer of gorgeous, pastel, Easter-style eggs. The new chicks are Leia, Eleanor and Woof, all Black Sex Links. The ladies are as varied in look as they are in personality. According to Kate, each chicken will lay eggs for about 2 years, and they're far easier than owning dogs. Good work, Kate. Every poultry pad should look this good.

If you're thinking of building your own coop, here are some quick facts and a link for more info:

-A permit must be obtained from Salt Lake County Animal Services. $5 per animal to be renewed annually (maximum of $40 annually).

-Maximum of 15 chickens. No roosters.

-Chickens must be kept in secure, enclosed area.

-Coop must have minimum of two (2) square feet per chicken; six (6) square feet per chicken if not allowed out of coop.

-Chickens must be kept in rear yard at least twenty-five (25) feet from dwelling on adjacent lot.

-Coops must be neat and sanitary.

-Chicken feed must be stored in rodent- and predator-resistant containers.

Go to slcclassic for more detailed guidelines.


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