Inster-Winners | Double-Tapped

11/6/2014 |

Few things please us better than browsing through the #cityhomecollective hashtag on our mobile devices and giggling at how much we love you guys. This year’s Second Annual Brew + ‘Q [Part Deux] gave us plenty of ample perusing materials, and to our participants in this year’s Insta-Winner contest: a hearty thanks. The party was an all-out blast [even with the torrential downpour and alarmingly-near thunder and lightning], and kudos to our folks for sticking around long enough for the worst to pass and the revelry to commence. In our last invite to the shindig, we bid you partake in our Instagram contest [and to our elation, so very many of you did] in the hopes of winning some pretty sensational swag. The top three winners of this contest have found themselves recipients of a deliciously comfy CHC sweatshirt and a COLLECTIVE design consult--the price tag: free-ninety-nine. But there can be only one grand prize winner, and that lucky he or she has won themselves a doozy of a treat: our lounge for an evening to host the event of their choosing [just don’t do anything we wouldn’t do]. As per last year, we selected our winners based on personal preference, rather than number of “likes” [‘cause psshh…ain’t nothin’ but a number]. We’ve contacted each of the champions via you each just need to wander in and claim what is yours. Cheers!

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