Hopefully, it's news to none that we're having a little gig tomorrow. Read all about it here, then set your coordinates to 645 E. South Temple and come to the back lot for good time fun with us. Once you're here, there's a few good stuffs to keep in mind: 1) you'll need a valid I.D. and a wristband to sip the boozy drinks, 2) the music is for dancing, so pull out your smoovest moves, and 3) we're having a slick little Instagram contest, and you should do what you can to win.

Snap all the photos you like throughout the evening, but be sure to hashtag those mamas with #cityhomeCOLLECTIVE. In return, we'll scan each one, and decide on the 10 best of the night. For those 10, we've got love in the form of a free design consult with Cody and Andrea. Ever in the spirit of helping you love where you live, they'll show up and chat about how we can help with major overhauls and minor adjustments, alike. Aahh, but for the BEST shot of the night [which we'll COLLECTIVELY decide on for the sake of fairness], we've got this: you'll get a shiny, new COLLECTIVE sweatshirt [you'll love it] aaaaaand an evening in our COLLECTIVE lounge for an event of your choosing [within the bounds of sanity]. Maybe you and your homies want to cozy up, sip on scotch, and watch Caddyshack*. Cool. Maybe you've got some clients you want to impress with a small soiree. Do it. Maybe your kids need a sitter...then you and your hubby/wife lounge romantically downstairs with dinner and wine and no yelling. Whatevs. Just come hang out and win the contest. *We provide the lounge, you provide the scotch and Caddyshack.

cityhomeCOLLECTIVE Brew + 'Q | 645 E. South Temple [back lot] | Friday, 9/13, 7pm - 10pm

Photos above courtesy of our fearless leader, Cody Derrick. Click here to see more pretty and follow him on Instagram.


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