Human Rights & Fancy Nights

7/16/2015 |
Kerri Fukui

We find summer to be a most sensational season for a handful of good reasons--poolside lounging, crop tops, themed BBQs, and flip-flop foot tans are obviously among them. The SLC social card really fills up from May to September, and some of our favorite events are those formal-wear-friendly galas that seek to raise money and bolster community support for worthwhile causes. Much of the good we can do is dependent on fancy fetes where we can all dance and get a little loose with our wallets. "Would you mind topping this off while I find my checkbook?"

This year's Human Rights Campaign Gala was certainly no exception, and (as always) we were COLLECTIVELY thrilled to be a part of it. Yes, as per usual, the event was a fantastic gathering of good folks from all over our community; the Grand America ballroom was overflowing with little black dresses, well-matched ties, and perfectly-coiffed whips of all sorts. But, far more importantly, it was an event that was also overflowing with celebratory vibes and the spirit of giving. Thanks in large part to the inspiring words of the Allies for Equality award recipients, Teri Polo and Bradley Whitford (along with fantastic likes of Brandie Balken and Cliff Rosky), our hearts were inspired and our rears geared up for another year's worth of hard work and pavement pounding in the name of equality. The tone of this year's gala was slightly more jovial than those of years passed--it came smartly on the heels of one of the Supreme Court's most fabulous decisions ever (duh--marriage equality nationwide! Let the glitter, rice, and fists take to the air!). Though merry we were, attendees of the gala were reminded of the importance of future fights: Yes, let's celebrate the hell out of this victory--but let's not let the victories that are still to be won fall by the wayside. And right they are. Let's roll up those sleeves and keep fighting that good fight. Until next year!

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