HRC Gala | Equality Forward

5/23/2016 |

The HRC Gala is one we get excited for every single year, and that's due in large part to the strides we're seeing on myriad fronts. The Human Rights Campaign is on the front lines, day in and day out, fighting the good fight for equal rights. And thanks to said daily brawling, the LGBT community in Utah--and all over the world, for that matter--has seen huge progress in that ever-so-important realm. From non-discrimination policies to hate crimes and marriage equality, anti-bullying and transgender healthcare to housing laws…the issues for which these good folks are standing up and shouting, "This must change!" can and will affect countless individuals in inconceivable (even if unseen) ways. It is, we can assume, a thankless job at times--and a frustratingly stagnant one at others--but organizations like the HRC are giving our cause life and giving lives a cause. So yeah…it's pretty important stuff.

To that end, we make a point to cause a small ruckus about the HRC Utah Gala each and every year. For one, it's the single largest fundraising event in Utah that benefits the LGBT community, and that's reason enough. But, says Dustin Schrecengost (Utah Gala Chair), "the HRC Utah Gala is important for so many reasons – and I think to each of us it would mean a variety of different things. Each year, the Gala gives us all the opportunity to come together and celebrate the many successes that this movement experiences each year. HRC plays an integral role in moving this journey forward through groundbreaking achievements and important initiatives and it gives our community the chance to gather for a memorable evening and reflect on those accomplishments."

This year's gala will see the achievements of some fantastic and hard-working individuals recognized. This year's Equality Award for an organization will go to the Volunteers of America Utah (a splendid gang that we've talked a bit about), and the individual award will be presented to Alex Cooper, author of Saving Alex, a best-selling memoir about her harrowing and abusive 8-month experience with forced "conversion therapy" as a teen. We can't say it enough, guys: should your hard-earned dollars go to any good cause, this be a mighty worthy one. And--since a few of us will be dressed in our best and ready to impress at the 12th annual HRC Utah Gala, come Saturday, June 11th--we would LOVE to see you there. We'll have a hug, toast your glass, and together we can shake some COLLECTIVE ass in the name of equality, progression, and love for all humans. Featured performances by DJ Young 1 and Estelle (!), silent auction, cocktails, black ties, and dinner…buy your tickets NOW at the link below, or visit the official website for more information on the evening's events.

12th Annual HRC Utah Gala | Saturday, June 11th, 6:00pm | Grand America Hotel, 555 S Main St.

Purchase tickets here

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