House of Apocalypse | NOW-ID

9/8/2016 |


One of our absolute favorite consequences of Salt Lake City’s continued growth is the consistent surge in creative talent and passion that inevitably accompanies it. Yes, "we will empower the misfits and encourage the doers." You know this (after all, it's in our COLLECTIVE Manifesto). So we're always down to give props to those that champion their causes in their own ways. And we happen to think the folks over at NOW-ID embody this dedication to the creative in a way that is indisputably their own. The group, for those unaware, is a contemporary dance and design company based right here in SLC. They're guided by "a passionate belief in the power of art to engage and move people and foster social change" (hear, hear!), and they also happen to throw a truly kick-ass annual gala. That's right. NOW-ID’s House of the Apocalypse Gala is back for a second eccentric year, and we can't wait to find out how it could possibly get any more strange.

The dance co. intrigued our COLLECTIVE crew when they rolled out last year's inaugural announcement. The billing wasn't so much a description as it was an impassioned list of key apocalyptic motifs (Hot Rods! Death Metal! Birds of Prey! Drag Queens! Pyrotechnics! Flammable Liquids!). Given that it had all the hallmarks of any good post-apocalyptic setting--as well as NOW-ID’s unwavering commitment to creating “forward-thinking, innovative, and encompassing work for both artists and audience"--last year's gala was, for all intents and purposes, a banger. Now that we've had a look at this year's invite, we can safely say that round two should prove to be more of the same.

Staying on theme with 2015's deliciously-dark billing, this year's gala promises to “once again serve up a bazaar of radical, poetic layers and surprises.” This is including, but not limited to: fortune tellers, dancers, live musicians, and video projects (all appropriately inspired by cataclysm, of course). This year's bash falls on the last quarter blood moon, and is hosted by "The Queen of Gasoline". What can one expect? Sacred Offerings! Kool-Aid! Twang! Smoke & Mirrors! Astral Projection! Operatics! But as mystical as the aforementioned may sound, the catering line up is the dark horse set to steal the show. One can expect some bartender, darkly adorned with all manner of metal, spike, and neo-gothic wear, to be whipping up solid cocktails, along with some truly spectacular catering by our pal, Chef Evan Francois.

To sum it up, NOW-ID creates some of the most progressive artistic work in the state, and their annual gala continues to bill itself with apocalyptic levels of ambiguity that can’t not peak some major interest. Entertainment, costumed couture, food, and drinks will surely abound (also worth noting: the funds raised from the gala will be put towards further creative endeavors). Judging from the invite (and the NOW-provided Inspiration Gallery), we're guessing 2016's distressed dress ought to be a little less "barren" and a little more "bayou" (think Beyonce's Formation video). So don your spookiest duds and head down to the Granary District's Addictive Behavior Motor Works for an event that promises to deliver apocalyptic levels of sensory stimulation…and one hell of a time.

NOW-ID presents House of Apocalypse, 2016 | Saturday, Sept. 24th, 6:30pm to 10:00pm | 454 S. 500 W.

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