Honey of a [Work] Space

4/3/2014 | Amy Tibbals
Kerri Jo Fukui + Amy Tibbals

Within a few moments of receiving an email from Sarah Winward, we knew we wanted to work with her somehow. She's the proprietor of Honey of a Thousand Flowers, which means she whips up phenomenal and wild-looking arrangements, mostly for weddings and large-scale events. Sarah's work lends itself to the kind of event that feels organic. The arrangements look as effortless as they do lovely, but even with little to no knowledge about flowers of any kind, I can still safely assume that plenty of effort goes into each piece.

Sarah's downtown space is a lesson in loving where you work, which we emphatically endorse. The hollowed-out, small, warehouse-style building sits just east of Tin Angel on 400 South [remember when it was full of scooters?]. The building is speckled with things that make sense for a florist and creator; work benches made by Sarah's husband and perfectly-chosen tables and chairs from successful thrifting, E-bay, or shopping endeavors. Sarah's created a space that is equal parts minimal and inviting. Containers of fresh flowers and plants are everywhere, along with candles and some Italian-style bulbs strung along the rafters. It's an open, incredibly-bright space with gaping windows along the east-facing wall and a glass garage door that faces 400 South. For those without a map in mind, that puts Sarah directly across the road from Pioneer Park. Translation: on warm fall/spring days and toasty summer nights, Sarah and Co. get to roll up the garage and have a front-n-center spot for Twilight Concert Series or the Downtown Farmer's Market, or any other stellar event that occurs there. The space is also [as mentioned] right next to Tin Angel. So that means amazing food when you're hungry, and a glass of wine for the thirst.

It's kind of a perfect situation over here, and Sarah happens to be in need of a flatmate. Last year, she shared the space with a photographer who reaped the rewards of a wide open space with loads of sunlight at any hour of the day. Other photogs looking for the same should seriously consider contacting Sarah [below], though plenty of other creative types would benefit from working in a space like this one, as well. Those interested can email her at the address below, or visit her site to complete a contact form. Take a peek at the lovely space below, and contact Sarah for the deets [by appointment only, please]. On the real, kids...we can attest to the benefits of loving where you work. Get in on it.

Honey of a Thousand Flowers | 361 W 400 S | [email protected] or 801.231.3088

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