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11/25/2015 |

“We want to be a gritty and unyielding catalyst for change and positivity... Our city’s imperfections are ours to repair, and there are buckets of sweat to be shed.” -cityhomeCOLLECTIVE Manifesto

We COLLECTIVELY consider ourselves the president, VP, and treasurer of the Salt Lake City fan club, and we don't take our responsibilities as such lightly. We are lucky enough to live in one of the most stellar communities in the country, and you best believe we're counting those blessings on the regular. Though, admittedly, when comes to giving as much as we get from this blessed land, we could all stand to step up our game. Which is precisely why we've decided to bring back one of our most successful charitable events to date: Love Where You Give. Last year, we teamed up with a slew of fantastic local shops to gather and give to an organization in need--the YWCA--and the rally was a prosperous one. With the success of last year's drive, we realized just how easily we could help make an impact in our community, so we were understandably antsy to get givin' again in 2015. This year has been one for the books here at the COLLECTIVE. Our families, our hearts, and our inventory have all grown. We're straight bursting at the seams with gratitude, and we've got loads to give (and we're oh-so-hopeful that all of you will show some locals in need the same love and support you did last year). You in? Then listen up.

The basic idea for Love Where You Give 2015 is pretty on point with last year's: we pick a local charity in need, and set up drop-off locations at a few fantastic local business--including The Stockist, Finca, Vive Juicery, Mod-a-go-go, and Crude Oil (story coming soon)--most of which are offering some pretty sweet incentives for your donations. On December 18th, we'll head over in the ol' family wagon, pick up the goods, and deliver them to this year's sponsored cause: the Volunteers of America Homeless Youth Resource Center. The HYRC is a locally-funded charity that exists as a safe space for youth, ages 15-22, that have been displaced. These kids can come here to have all their basic (and oft taken for granted) needs met: a warm meal, clean clothes, or a hot shower. These folks are doing some seriously applaud-worthy work, so we're thrilled to be lending a hand to their noble efforts this season. High on their list of must-haves: new or gently-used coats for women and men, knit gloves, socks, shoes, warm clothes of all kinds, warm blankets, and non-perishable foods. Don't have any threads or cans to give? That's okay. Monetary donations can also be made via check written out to the Homeless Youth Resource Center and dropped off at the CHC Headquarters (we'll even have a few of those incentives on deck here for those that choose to bring their donations by our HQ). So, this season of thanks-giving, clean out that closet (c'mon, do you really need four Patagonias?), shop some local goodness, and help a much-needed and very worthy cause. Win. Win. Win.

Black, CHC-marked donation bins are officially located at each of our drop-off locations as of now, and they’ll stay put through December 14th. With seven spots to drop and nearly 20 days to do it, you’ve got zero excuses. Donate to just one location, or make your way to every single one (and get every last reward). Choice is yours. Bonus: for anyone looking to buy or sell a home, we’ve got good news. If you partner up with COLLECTIVE agent, Monica Draper, to buy or sell by the end of the year, she’ll donate 5% of her commission to the Homeless Youth Resource Center in your name. Yup. A map below will help you get to each giving spot, and the list will help you round out your closet-cleaning efforts. Love Where You Give. We most certainly do. And we hope you will too.

Contact Monica Draper with donation questions or for additional information | 435.313.7905

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