More often than not, we know that finding the perfect home as is can be a really difficult task. More regularly, our clients will fall in love with some particular feature of a home--the location, the architecture, the views, or the yard, for example--and hire us to take care of the rest. The project below is a lofty, seventies-style home with spanning valley views that we reeeally wanted to accentuate. Our scope included replacements of the existing entry and staircase, complete replacement of main-level flooring, and a total remodel of the kitchen, dining area, living room, and hallway. Our client wanted to create an oasis of sorts...a place that would feel like her own little sanctuary where she could unplug and unwind. With her classic taste, a touch of modernity, and a neutral color palette, we wanted to make sure all material and furnishing selections would reflect her personality and withstand the test of time.

While the home itself is very large, the actual dining/living area isn't huge, so we decided to utilize design touches and details that would serve to expand the space. Petite dining furniture that could be tucked beneath an elliptical table, for example, and lighter paint on the high ceilings served to open things up. Similarly, we carried the wood flooring from the living space to the kitchen...which we brightened and warmed with a simple palette (and where we also replaced a small island with a more scaled version that would invite interaction between guests in both spaces). The aforementioned incredible view was a dominant feature of the living room, and in order to best showcase said views, we partially removed a wall and replaced the existing stair rails with cable wire. Finally, we resurfaced the original fireplace with a large, stone tile and added wood paneling and library style built-ins to create a true, secondary focal point of the room.

Truth be told, we're happy when clients bring us a home that needs tweaking and changing. It's sort of our specialty. We can take a space that's full of potential, and work with our clients to create something that suits them so perfectly, they never want to leave.

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