While it's no real surprise to us that a Utah couple, Candis and Andy Meredith of Old Home Love, were chosen by HGTV and DIY Network to share their talents with the world, we are--nevertheless--thrilled about it. Full disclosure, we're surprised it took 'em this long to notice. Salt Lake and her locals are pulling some of the most creative moves they've never seen.

Candis and Andy are house-restoration extraordinaires of sorts, and they're taking the downtrodden homes of SLC and her surrounding areas and polishing them anew. Spots that have been stripped of their original beauty or have taken a dark, dreary turn over time are getting the benefits of this duo's modern approach to bright, clean, updated perfection. Truth be told, we know that folks like this are few: those that possess a smooth blend of a keen sense of detail and the elbow grease needed to pull it all off. Homes that have been untouched for decades--the sort of thing where you touch a wall and it crumbles in your hand--aren't immune to the magic, either. These folks are creating the sort of architecture and design that improves neighborhoods and encourages more of the same all over our state. To that, we shout a hearty, "AMEN!"

Old Home Love will mark thee very first design show on HGTV and DIY Network that's based in Utah, which is thrilling enough, in and of itself. What's more…we got to be a part of it! Candis and Andy approached us early last fall for a touch of our own COLLECTIVE magic in the way of staging. A project in Payson was filmed from start to finish in its glorious restoration for the first season of Old Home Love…and we wasted little time in stamping it with our own brand of poise, polish, and out-and-out perfection. A touch of eclectic and modern served to ideally juxtapose the gorgeous, historical aesthetic. A few photos below will give you a wee taste of what we did, but you'll have to wait for the full story after Old Home Love premieres. Pop the corn, and get the Goobers, Mike & Ikes, and Raisinetes in a bowl…you can watch on the DIY Network on Wednesday, October 7th, at 9:00pm (that's MST). Utah is the place...for amazing design. 

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