Hartwigs Go Mill | A CHC Mashup

5/14/2014 | Amy Tibbals
Katie Bald

It’s no secret that we at cityhomeCOLLECTIVE got friends with fine spaces [and pretty faces], and we recently got the all-too-rare opportunity to combine a few of those things. Some friends and clients of ours [ones with aforementioned pretty faces], Melissa and Dallas Hartwig, wrote a bang-up book on some stuff they’re pretty keen on, and we’re pretty keen on that. The book is called It Starts With Food, and focuses on eating foods that are--get this--beneficial to your health [we know, what a crazy concept]. The thing is so damn swell that Good Morning America--yes, Good Morning f*cking America--called ‘em up and asked if they might be interested in speaking on it for a spell. Um, duh.

Next up: the Hartwigs needed a stellar space in which to shoot their interview [for GOOD MORNING AMERICA], and we knew just the kitchen to help them cut it up. Some other pretty-faced clients of ours have a swell little home up on Mill Lane [it’s sensational, and it’s for sale--you should peep it here*], and they kindly granted us access to their killer kitchen. Check these stats: a 12’ walnut island, delicious walnut cabinetry, and some boss stainless steel appliances. Add to that the ludicrously beautiful wall of windows looking out onto the recently renovated back patio, and you’ve got a gluten free recipe for success. *Contact Cody Derrick for additional details on this space.

The shoot was a smash [with much thanks due to the on-location crew: James, Marty, and Ed--cheers, fellas], and the segment aired last Monday. We get the warm-n-fuzzies whenever we have the chance to get good things together, and helping not one, but two sets of clients get featured on GMA feels pretty damn grand. Heaps of applause in the general direction of Dallas and Melissa...solid work, friends.

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