We're Grateful | Trust + FINCA

11/27/2014 |

There is a-plenty to be grateful for around our COLLECTIVE, but today, we're really feeling the love. Our clients, our co-workers, family, friends, and fellow lovers of Salt Lake City--color us 'bursting with brotherly love' for every last one of 'em on this brisk Thursday morn. Here's the thing: we know precisely what it is that makes us feel so lucky. It's the trust. Every day, our clients entrust us with that which we deem of the utmost importance…their spaces. They hand over a home that's been in the family for years, so that we can find the next bunch that will treat it with respect. They call us up to help them find the downtown condo, Victorian restoration, or perfectly-intact mid-century modern dish that will enable them to flourish and foster who they want to be. And--lucky us--they bring us on to design what they dream of.

Since we're waxing all poetic and stuff, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention one such design project that is juuust about to stop you in your tracks. We've been working for many months [we represented them in the purchase of the building, too] now on the new FINCA, and the black doors will officially swing open on Monday. In truth, you'll have to take her in with your own eyes to do the splendor justice, but we're not above a little pre-debut bait. Herringbone floors. Black marble. Deep peacock blue…everywhere. It's been a labor of love, but the results are worth every second that went into it. Lead Designer, Cody Derrick; Assistant Designer, Lauren Bald; End Result, AMAZING.

We're particularly grateful for Scott Evans and his business partners for their trust that we could create a space that did justice to SLC's best locally-sourced Spanish tapas. And we're grateful to the contractors, workers, vendors, delivery dudes, and collaborators [like Susannah from our office] that have helped us put this dreamy space together. All told, we trust that it will knock plenty of socks off, but you'll have to go in and see for yourself. It'll be well worth your time.

FINCA | 327 West 200 South | 801.487.0699

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