Future in Frontin' | Climbing Club

12/4/2013 | Amy Tibbals
Corigan Kushma

For those few of you that may be unaware, you're living in one of the world’s rock climbing meccas. The surrounding canyons have world class, climb-able rock, and many residents of Salt Lake are here for precisely that reason. Obviously, residents love getting a grip on the real thing, but we've always needed a way to stay in shape for the sport of choice when the element don't cooperate. Enter, The Front Climbing Club.

The Front is a local favorite, and has been for a stretch. It's also served as my personal home away from home, a social outlet, stress reliever, and primary workout regimen for almost 10 years. To my utter delight, climbing is fun, mentally challenging, and actually for everyone. Nearly guaranteed to give you a six-pack [punch me in the stomach, I dare you]. As it should be, more and more folks are catching on to the idea, and The Front is growing with the interest. They've currently got close to 10,000 sq. ft. of superb, indoor bouldering [climbing short routes, or "problems," without ropes and gear], and they offer a full gym with weights and cardio machines. Add to that a gear shop that has the largest selection of climbing shoes in the country, and yoga classes offered every day of the week [Fridays are free for anyone], and you've landed on the next best thing to a 55-degree day up Little Cottonwood.

Climbing just happens to be an all-ages, all-types sport; the in-shape, out-o-shape, newbies, and oldies are as welcome as the pregnant [specifically, in the case of one of our local faves, Mindy Campbell]. The Front is making plenty of changes to entice you. Next year, a 70-foot multi-pitch will be constructed [that means ropes, y'all]. And some slightly less towering additions to the gym aren't hurting, either. San Francisco transplant, Annie Trujillo, is the new manager, and she is adding a touch of community-based culture to the gym in the form of an 'art walk' down the hallway. The walk features the work of a local artsit every month. Annie also teamed up with local designer and gym member, Toby Putnam, to construct a rad, new bike rack. Reclaimed wood and metal, SLC Bike-Collective handlebars [donated], and some lighting from the Tea Grotto. Solid incentive for anyone to pedal over to a good climb. Get on it.

The Front Climbing Club | 1450 S 400 W | 801.466.7625



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