Four Corners Project | Just Cause

4/10/2013 | Amy Tibbals

When someone is continually being a far-out local, we'll continually cheer from the COLLECTIVE section. This guy's doing it again. When Josh Scheuerman started running for personal reasons a few years ago, he decided to pick up aluminum cans on his jaunts, and holy shit, they were everywhere. Since then, he's realized that the problem is much bigger than cans. To that end, his focus has shifted to documenting the use and abuse of single-use plastic bags. He's launched a project on Kickstarter, and with any luck, it'll end in Josh's being able to speak to the right people in getting a legislative ban on these environmental nightmares. Awesome. We're behind it.

The FOUR CORNERS Project is a major personal undertaking. In short, Josh plans to visit the four 'corners' of Utah gathering information on the effects of littering and plastic in our state. He'll collect water samples and stories that might help in the effort, and he'll be hauling home as much trash as one dude can. If he happens upon any 10k's, 5k's, or fun runs, he'll do those, too -- picking up trash while he runs. Oh yes, and during the trip, he'll snap some Holga shots and do some painting, documenting the beauty of Utah -- all of which will be given to any who decide to chip in [full list of donation 'prizes' on his Kickstarter page]. On May 25th, Josh will host another Art Adoption, where you can see the fruits of his effort and pat him on the back for being such a motivated, inspiring human.

He needs a little help in ensuring that he can fund the effort without taking too much of a toll on the environment. COLLECTIVELY, we intend to do whatever we can to help him out. Josh is a Utah native with no less than two armfuls of progressive and charitable projects going at any one time. If it's not the Art Adoption, then it's a coat drive. If people have coats, he's busting ass to get a skate park built. If the ball is rolling for the aforementioned endeavors, then it's something incredibly cool like this. And it's worth at least 5 of your dollars, I say. Watch the video below, then click here to get more information on the project or to make a donation.



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