Fly Me a River

12/2/2014 | Amy Tibbals
Jess Downer & Nata Stone / Big Bear Photo Co.

SLC's 9th & 9th neighborhood is one of our very favorites for a bevy of reasons, one of which is the unique mix of local businesses. Pago [romantic], Tower Theater [historic], The Stockist [fantastic], Orchid Dynasty [idyllic] -- it’s a stellar list that's effectively serving to curate its own impressive growth. Add Western Rivers Flyfisher to the bang-up tally. Quite frankly, these guys are serving needs that not-a-one of the others is even touching; this is where you come for caddis, cone heads, and the click drag. #googleit

The primary gig at Western Rivers is keeping the wading masses happy. They're here for the "I'd rather be fishing" bumper sticker brandishers…the anglers who have picked up the fly fishing bug [get it?] and are officially hooked [nailed it]. They've obviously got handfuls of flies, but they also offer classes for the curious…Intro to Fly Tying, Rod Building, casting clinics, and tools for beginners, among others. Those in need of a mind-blowing gift for the fly-fishing spouse are in luck [hint to my dear wife: spey rod], and you can get the latest fishing report while you browse. The only thing you won't find at Western Rivers is an air of snobbery about this methodological sport. Noooo, no. Can't figure out how to tie a blood knot? Just ask 'em. Been to Provo River 33 times and haven't got a god damned fish to show for it? Get some friendly advice. Got a nasty hitch in your cast? They'll take you out on the lawn and help you get your mojo back. If they went out of business, this author might slip into a depression-induced coma. They're that kind of cool.

On one of our last fantastically-fall 60+ degree days, we took a field trip to Western Rivers--we perused the inventory and got a little lesson in elbow control. Been in business for 30 years, and they'll still take a minute to walk out to the median for a 'casting call'? Pretty fly.

Western Rivers Flyfisher | 1071 East 900 South | 801.521.6424

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