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8/8/2014 | Amy Tibbals
Kerri Fukui


Ooooh, the JensensWe heart Brad and Valerie Jensen for a healthy handful of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that they love us back. They settled into their new duds back in November of 2013, thanks to the scouting efforts of our own Mr. Mark Seely. Then they called us up for a design consult on the living and dining areas of their new home. Aaaand then they got a redesign to die for.

They wanted a home that reflected all the things they love--entertaining, family, golf, and mid-century modern design hovering at the top of the list. The biggest challenge in a house hunt is finding your person, a.k.a. the agent that just gets you. When Brad and Valerie met Mark, they knew he was the one--shooting stars, tiny hearts, assorted string instruments, etc. Mark's non-salesman-y approach was just the jam for the Jensen toast, so together the three of them focused on finding 'home'. And they did. Perched just adjacent to the Willow Creek Golf Course, it had mid-mod bones and an open living plan that would allow for all the right parties and family gatherings. Perfect, but for one thing: it needed some creativity. Some personality.

We know beyond a shadow's shadow of a doubt that your space is more than just shelter, and Valerie and Brad agree. It can vastly improve your quality of life and facilitate everything that matters to you and yours. The great thing about our COLLECTIVE? [Okay, it's not the only great thing] Our stellar services don't stop at the closing of your new home. Mark passed the baton to me, and we set to so work. First order of business: a good old-fashioned meet-up. The four of us gathered and brainstormed, and a few things became very clear. We needed to address the ill-conceived fireplace, remove the carpet in the sunken living room, use some sparkling mid-mod elements, and commission a painting from Mark [bad-ass realtor, incredible artist…see the proof below].

Val and Brad are kind of ideal clients. Sure, they're generous, creative, and fun, but they've also got a honed sense of style and and definitive and audible opinion about likes and dislikes. I love this. Once we know what you want, it's our job to help you bring it all together in a cohesive way. Then we think of the things you might not have, and shit gets really fun. A favorite element of this new space? That fireplace, obviously. I'd been admiring these 9" tall dimensional tiles at European Marble and Granite for a while…I just needed the perfect client and the perfect space. Jensens win. They were just as excited about the tiles as I was, and--clearly--this was just the spot to use them. Oh, and about that painting? It's working. Lovers of jazz music, Val and Brad asked Mark to incorporate a few vintage musician photos in to piece, and the result is swinging' [see what we did there?]. Sum and substance, folks, we can help you create your perfect space, from start to finish. Sell the old, find the new, make it yours…we'll do it all.

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