Find Your Space | Amy + Kerri

9/13/2016 |

With each new ad, our campaign gets a touch stronger. Find Your Space is more than a mantra…it's an abbreviated version of something we fervently believe. Find (or create) the space in which you decidedly belong, and it will come back to you in spades. Your home (office, restaruant, etc.) should be an unequivocal representation of the life you want to live. "From the space you purchase to the paint color you choose, from the music you listen to and every last tchotchke on the shelf…creating a space that is authentically yours is really the only thing that matters." It's this idea from which our ad campaign was born…and if we can toot our own horn a bit, we're smitten with the results.

The video below (created by our favorite videographer, Pat Fenelon) is a small sampling of one such ad effort. You can read the full story (and see Behind the Scenes photos) here, but for the sake of brevity, we'd rather you just sit back and watch. Amy and Kerri are immediate members of our COLLECTIVE crew (our Editor and photographer, respectively), but they're also practicing what we preach here everyday. Cody helped them find a perfectly-remodeled storefront, then they set to work in making it their very own. Cement floors, high ceilings, and a wash of natural light mix perfectly with crisp photography, local art, and a few pop-culture pieces peppered in for good measure. As with all shoots of the sort, the day was inspired by the gals and the home in equal parts. We think the real magic of this video (and the resulting ad) lies in getting to see our clients being themselves in a space that suits them. Because when it comes to finding your space, one should never compromise. One should simply own it.

Find Your Space, Vol. Eleven


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