Find Your Space | Vol. Twelve

12/22/2016 |


Call it cliché, but we think there are few sentiments that ring truer than "home is where the heart is." Your home is where you house your people and your most prized possessions. It's where you are your truest you, and perhaps this is why we're so enchanted with the idea. Most folks have somewhere special, a childhood home or a spot in the Tetons, perhaps, that holds onto their heartstrings a little tighter than others. Sometimes, when one is lucky enough, one has more than one space that is their place. And for some, that home away from home is, Helping folks connect to that space is kind of our whole gig, and so we started our Find Your Space campaign specifically for the shouting out of a few folks we've helped to love where they live. Perhaps you've peeped past ads: we helped these two relocate from sunny CA, we helped these two COLLECTIVE gals into a storefront space in Rose Park, and we helped this cute fam sell their dreamy home on St. Mary's Circle. Truth is, our passion is helping folks find the space that suits them--whether it's their first or their fifth--no matter the price point, and no matter the location. Which brings us to the dapper gents you'll find in the photos below.

John and Christian hail from Jackson, WY, where they own a few fantastic shops (MADE and Mountain Dandy). And, if their shop monikers are any indication, a more dapper pair you won't sooner find. When the discussion arose to find a space bigger than their current, modestly-sized apartment, the two decided they'd rather have two small homes than one large one. And so they set their eyes southwest. And while we know what's so great about SLC, every once in a while it's nice to hear that folks out of state are taking notice, too (the restaurants, concerts, UMOCA, and University of Utah were listed by the pair as a few of the reasons they fell smitten with our city). When time came for the two to scope some spaces, this stellar CHC agent happily obliged with a city-wide tour of Salt Lake's finest small spaces--naturally, South Temple's Maryland building made the short list in a hurry. Says Christian, "Our design inspiration comes from that idea that the patina and wear are embraced, but with elegance, and a little glamour," and--with its old-school elegance and buttoned-up charm--Christian and John instantly connected with the Maryland (the fact that it feels like a true "gentleman's building" is perhaps what won them over, in the end).

And now these Jackson gents have found their home away from home--a city house for a pair of country mouses. They love the downtown-adjacent location, and we think that the timeless and well-groomed space suits them perfectly. As with all Find Your Space shoots, this one was inspired by the fellas, themselves. By keeping colors simple, we allowed the home's impeccable design to speak for itself, and while the decor lends a welcome bit of formality, we kept it loose with a few shoeless shots and a bottle of champ. Malissa Mabey snapped some behind-the-scenes pics, Sean McCormick filmed a dandy video of the process, and, as always our COLLECTIVE pal George Oakley delivered the winning shot (which you'll find splashed across the pages of the latest edition of Utah Style & Design, on stands soon). Year after year, we delight at the chance to help folks find the space that feels like their place, and we commend those that constantly strive to find it without settling. Wherever the city or state, and however far from your mailing address it may be, we'll help you get home.

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