Field Notes: Top-Notch Party Tips, Part II

4/24/2012 | Amy Tibbals

Field Notes:  Throwing an Out-of-Sight, End-of-Summer Party | Part II | Share Your Sh*t

Part II covers a basic principle that ought to go a long way with your friends, guests and the neighborhood. Avoid the potential of alienating anyone, and learn to share:

1.  Share your space. This was our first kid-friendly fete. Truth be told, we nailed it. Easy enough, though, because we shared our space. Yes, a pool makes it easy to entertain the kids, but plenty of spaces can make the wee ones happy. Think lawn games. Happy kids make for relaxed adults, and vice versa.

2.  Share your resources. We heard about the Creative Capsule by Tenfour Industries, and we made it a part of our gig. The re-finished Airstream provides children crafting opportunities on-the-make, and it's a perfect way to keep them happy while the adults mingle. Note: Tips 1 & 2 will allow you to party with your friends who happen to be parents. Don't alienate the fertile.

3.  Share your music. In the midst of our party, my 80-year old neighbor showed up; not to complain, but to introduce himself and tell us he loved the music. Amazing. Dependent upon your 'hood, it might be a good idea to include the neighbors, rather than risk alienating them; if they're in on the noise, they're less likely to complain about it. Note: best to let them know the party's coming beforehand.

4.  Share your booze and food. Obviously, with your guests, but don't forget to love those helping you. We covered this in Part I; the D.J., the caterer, the bartender, the assistant...they'll all get thirsty. Smart to walk a PBR or fave cocktail to them occasionally. Keep them happy, and they'll do the same for your guests. Win, win, win.

See Part I


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