Field Notes: Top-Notch Party Tips, Part I

4/23/2012 | Amy Tibbals

Field Notes:  Throw an Out-of-Sight, End-of-Summer Party | Part I | Let the Host Be the Host

Our end-of-summer Client Appreciation party was smashing...went off without a hitch...had a whale of a for a thousand successful-party cliches. We have our reasons for this; in Part I, they're four-fold. Here's what every host needs to ensure his or her own freedom to kiss moms, charm kids, dole out hugs and consume, as desired:

1.  A D.J. - paramount to throwing a great party. Silence is awkward. Johnny Cash and Sam Cooke can help. The host[ess] shouldn't ping pong betwixt guest and ipod all night; let someone else relax your people and make them shake. Our recommendations for locals who spin magic: Corey Bullough, Jesse Walker, Chase 123.

2.  A Caterer - likewise, this is a necessary measure. People love food; a bag of Cheetos will only keep them happy for a short time. Fancy dishes are superfluous, but some healthy/tasty bits will lengthen the life of your soiree. Best to put someone else in your kitchen for the night. Our recommendation for a local, healthy chef: Angela Martindale w/Meals That Transform.

3.  A Bartender - booze is why most of them showed up. Three bottles of Popov and a single can of Fanta sitting on a card table isn't ideal. The majority of folks don't likely know how to mix a proper cocktail, so have someone do it for them.  Our recommendation: find a bartender/friend who needs a little extra cash, and knows how to pour.

4.  A Party Assistant - a nice extra, to be sure. Surprise clean-ups, guest greeting, general help - it will ultimately overwhelm if you're the only one on duty. Free yourself up to entertain and be entertained. Our recommendation: find a friend (a young'un, even) who's willing to pitch in a little, especially at the party's start and end.  Worth it.

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